Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Report 4

I read the book Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. I LOVE this book! It is an amazing book. It is sad, happy, loving, and interesting. There is also some action in this book along with a little bit of a mystery. Sharon did an excellent job of describing the surroundings in all the scenes. I could picture EVERYTHING. Another thing that she did was she told the book from not just the main characters points of view. She told the points of view from like 5 different people. The main characters in the story Ruby Holler are Dallas Carter and Florida Carter. Dallas and Florida are both twin orphans who have been living in the terrible Boxton Creek Home since they were 1-12 years old. The Boxton Creek Home treated Dallas and Florida terribly along with all the other kids at the Home. There were tons of rules and you had to follow each one or else you got punished. First let me describe Dallas Carter. Dallas is a sweet, caring, kind, smart, helpful, curious boy. Dallas is the type of boy who day dreams all the time. He is always day dreaming. He is always making up different storys in his mind. In almost all of his day dreams or dreams that he has at night, there is a silver bird that speaks to him but never finished its sentences. Now to describe Florida Carter. Florida is a stubborn, nice, impatient, caring, curious, smart girl. Florida is also kind of moody. At one moment she can be happy, then the next minute she could be angry. Dallas and Florida can both get into trouble some times. When they were staying at the Boxton Creek home, the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Trepid, called Dallas and Florida the “trouble twins”. Dallas and Florida are both dynamic characters. In the begging of the book, Dallas and Florida were kind of weary and secretive about eveything after they got invited on a trip. Then towards the end of the book, they opened up and really became more happy as the book went on. Another character in this book that I would like to talk about is Mr. Trepid. Mr. Trepid is selfish, cruel, mean, shallow, grumpy old man. Mr. Trepid makes up all the rules for the Boxton Creek Home (and trust me there are tons of them) and if you break one of the rules, you either have to do manual labor, or stay in a pitch black, musty, gross cellar for a couple of hours. It all depends on what rule that you break. Mr. Trepid tries to steal money from Dallas and Florida Carters new parents but what he doesn't know is that they have set him up. So Mr. Trepid gets tricked and ends up loosing a ton of his money. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is simply an amazing book and I think anyone would like it. I know I sure did.
I think one of the themes for the book Ruby Holler is to be grateful for what you have. Florida and Dallas Carter grew up with barely anything. They didn't have their own home, their own parents, or even their own family. They never got to meet there parents because they were at the Boxton Creek Home ever since they were babies. They had a rough life. Even through all of the years of growing up in the Boxton Creek Home, Dallas and Florida still had each other. They still looked at the bright sides of everything and they tried to make their life as good as it possibly could be. Even if it meant breaking some of the rules every once in a while. I think another theme for the book Ruby Holler is to never judge a book by its cover. Dallas and Florida get invited to go to a trip with an elderly couple named Tiller and Sairy. At first Dallas and Florida thought that Tiller and Sairy were wack jobs because they never punished Dallas and Florida. Since Dallas and Florida were so used to being punished, they never thought that anyone wouldn't punish them. Dallas and Florida also thought that Tiller and Sairy were boring and old people at first, but then they soon realized that Tiller and Sairy are really interesting, caring, kind, lively, loving people. They grew to really like being with Tiller and Sairy as the book went on. I think another theme of this book is just to be nice to everyone and don't be thinking of just yourself all the time. In the book, Mr. Trepid was planning on stealing all Tiller and Sairys money while they were on their trips. Too bad that Tiller and Sairy found out everything from one of their close friends. So they set a couple traps for Mr. Trepid. Mr. Trepid had to go through a mouse trap snapping on his finger, putting his hand into a pile of stinging nettles, a dozen thumbtacks, and some poison ivy. To top it off, Mr. Trepid found some gems (which were fake but he thought was real) and went to go buy a brand new cadillac, and a $9000 watch that he THOUGHT he could pay off with the gems. Too bad that the gems were only worth about $1.99. :P

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Report 3

I read the book So B. It by Sarah Weeks. The main character in the book So B. It is Heidi It. Heidi is a sweet, kind, determined, smart, unique girl. Heidi is sweet and kind because she doesn't try to hurt anyone. She is always willing to give people a hand when they are in need no matter what it is. Everyone who meets Heidi likes her and enjoys her company. Heidi is very determined. When Heidi sets her mind to something, she wont stop until she succeeds in what ever it is that she set her mind on. She wont ever give up or quit. An example of Heidi being determined was the whole reason why she went to Liberty, New York. Heidi was searching for the reason why her mother always said the word soof. She felt as if she HAD to figure out what that word meant so she didn't quit until she figured it out.
Heidi is a unique girl because Heidi has not had a normal childhood. Heidi's mom is not your normal mom. Heidi’s mom has what Heidi calls a “bum brain”. She can't remember anything, can't speak, and can't do anything without a hand from Heidi or her neighbor Bernie. Since Heidi’s mother was born with her “bum brain”, Heidi had to learn how to be very responsible. She has to take of her mother and do everything that she wanted to be done, by herself. Heidi is also very loving and caring. Heidi loved her mother just as much as any other person loves there mother, even though she couldn't really do much with her mother. Heidi is caring because she is the type of person who gets attached to people right away. Heidi can meet someone for a few hours and not know much about them, and she will still care for them.
Heidi is a static character in this book. In the beginning of the book Heidi is a loving, caring, sweet little girl. At the end of the book Heidi is still her sweet, caring self. She did change a little bit after she lost her mother. She got a lot more quiet and stayed more independent, but it was nothing too major. She returned to her normal self soon after she realized that life will go on and she shouldn't waste her life with moping around all the time. Her mother wanted her to be happy. All through out the book she pretty much stayed her normal sweet self.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Sarah Weeks has a very good way with describing things and putting great detail into all of the pages in this book. I felt as if I was there visualizing all this book. I had no problem with being able to picture all the events that happened in this book. That's not the only good thing about this book. This book kept my wanting to read more and more. When I turned every page, I read nothing but interesting things. There also was a little bit of a twist at the end of the book and I love books like that. It keeps you intrigued and easily caught my attention. I had quite a few of the moments when I didn't want to set the book down. All I wanted to do was keep reading the book and see what was going to happen next.
When I finished this book, I felt kind of close to Heidi. I felt bad for her loses and I felt as if she was real. I felt like throughout this book, all the events were all happening right in front of me and I couldn't do anything but watch it. Another thing that I enjoyed about this book was that it didn't just tell about what Heidi's goal was, it told about her life. It mentioned her past and what she wants to do in the future. Sarah Weeks did a very nice job on getting deep and describing Heidi and all the things that she has been through in her life. She explained all the experiences that Heidi had been through and all the things that she couldn't do. Such as go to a public school. Heidi was always home schooled by Bernie because Bernie had a phobia where she couldn't leave the safety of her apartment. Sarah Weeks told about everything that Heidi was feeling with great detail. You can really feel her passion that she has for Heidi. She also described the scenes and characters very well. I would recommend this book to anyone. Anyone can read this book and like it. If you ask me, this book was probably one of my favorite books that I have read.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Choice Book Report

I read the book The Lost Boy by David Pelzer. This is about a boy name David (who is also the author of this book) who was beaten everyday for years by him cruel mother. There are many words to describe David. Some of them are that he is a sweet, loving, forgiving, caring, helpless little boy. David is sweet because he never did anything to hurt anyone. David was forgiving because even though all the times that his mother had beaten him over and over for no reason what so ever, he still forgave her and he still loved her very much. David is caring because he still cared for his mother no matter what she did to him. David was a helpless little boy because he couldn't stop his mother from beating him and if he tried to stop her she would do worse things to him. David always wore old, ratty, itchy clothing when he was staying at his mothers house because his mom thought that he doesn't deserve to get anything better. David is not a very confident boy. He has been scarred from all the abuse and has no confidence and took things for granted in the beginning of the book. Towards the end he started to open his eyes and realize how lucky he is to have a new foster family and that he is alive. So that makes David a dynamic character. David went through a lot of change in this book. He learned that life is not all the rotten and cold anymore. He learned that people want to help him, not hurt him. He also learned how to be a responsible young man when he was around 16 years old.
Now to talk about Davids mother. Davids mother is a crazy, cruel, devious, terrible mother. She put David to hell and back. She put him through near death experiences, the pain of abuse, and all sorts of mental pain as well. Davids mother is not admirable, evil, and inconsiderate. She is evil because someone who is evil would hurt her son the way that she did. She is inconsiderate because she didn't do much to help out her kids, but instead she made them do things for her. Davids mother is different from others because she is VERY abusive and wacko in the head. Someone who is not wacko in the head would treat their kid with some respect and to not abuse them. If you ask me, I think that Davids mother is a terrible person.

There are many conflicts in The Lost Boy. The main conflict in this book was both internal and external conflicts between David and his mother. Davids mother was a heart less, abusing, alcoholic. She almost ruined his whole life and she definitely scarred him for life. She made him cautious of everything he did for years. Davids whole life would have been a living hell if he hadn't of been placed in the foster care homes like he was placed in. Even after he was put into foster care, he was still cautious to talk to anyone or to ask for anything. Since David had gone through all the pain and suffering that his mother put him through, he never got back to his normal self again.
David had to face many obstacles after he was put into a foster care home. He was so used to his old life style, that he thought that he couldn't trust anyone. David also stole all sorts of things and got into all sorts of mischief. Since he stole and got into all sorts of mischief, he got into a lot of trouble with the police almost at every foster home he went to. David soon went into a depression because he could never get too attached to a foster parent because he would soon move away from them. It was only a matter of time. The obstacles that David had to face and handle, were not the type of person that David is. David is usually happy and hopeful. He handled the obstacles with low effort. If I were David, I would have handled it differently. I would be happy I made it away from a mother like that. I also would have tried my best to stay away from mischief and crimes.
The main conflict in this book is between David and his mother because how I see it is, that if it wasn't for his mother treating David the way she did, he wouldn't of had to go through all that trouble, pain, and misery like he had to. If she would have just treated him like any normal mother treats their kid, then David wouldn't of had to go through all that mess. He would have had a normal life. He could have been happy and joyful. Instead she replaced he love for him with abuse, and that led to change Davids life forever.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Choice book report

The choice book that I read was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In this book there are 12 different districts. (Districts are like their towns.) The main characters in this book are Peeta and Katniss who live in District 12. Katniss had to fight and break the law every day to get food. Katniss was an excellent hunter and she had great skills with a bow and arrow and a knive. In district 12 it is against the law to cross over a fence that borders the districts apart. Katniss crosses it every day to get food to save her family. Katniss is a mature, loving, caring, responsible girl. Katniss is a static character. At the beginning of the book she would do anything to keep her family alive and she tries her hardest to keep them healthy. Since her dad died from a mining explosion when Katniss was younger and her mom is always in some kind of a daze, Katniss is the only one who is bringing home food to put on the table for Prim and her mom. When the people were drawing and calling off names of the two people who would be going to the hunger games it wasn't Katnisses name that got drawn. It was her little sister Prim whos name got drawn. Katniss didn't want Prim to go through all the things you have to do at the hunger games so she sacrificed herself to save Prims life. Throughout the book, Katniss tries her hardest to stay alive not for herself, but for her mom and Prim. Katniss is very courageous, selfless, skilled and admirable. She is courageous and selfless because she goes out side of the fence surrounding district 12 and risks her life everyday to keep her family alive and fed. Peeta on the other hand is not much like Katniss at all when it comes to hunting and getting food. He is the bakers son so he pretty much got food handed to him instead of hunting it like Katniss did. He had no troubles getting fed or staying healthy. He pretty much had a normal life. Peeta is a dynamic character. In the beginning of the book he is just a normal boy with no skills with any weapons that he knew of. At the end of the book he is pretty good with knives and he learned a lot of things as well. He learned a little bit about what kinds of food were poisonous and some that weren't. He also learned how to camouflage himself. Peeta lived to stay alive through multiple poisonous wasp stings, hunger, dehydration, and a life risking cut through the upper thigh. Peeta is a sweet, romantic, strong, self-sacrificing, kindhearted boy. Peeta sacrificed his life to save Katniss. He let Katniss go instead of killing her in the arena and that got another teammate named Cato very angry since Katniss is a big threat to everyone in the arena. Cato chased after Peeta and stabbed him in the upper left thigh. Cato left his mark on Peeta with a gabbing whole in Peetas thigh. Peeta soon lost an excessive amount of blood and later on in the book he lost his left leg.
I think one of the themes of this book is to work on what you believe you can do. Katniss said to Prim in the semi beginning of the book that she was going to try her hardest to stay alive and she did. She survived beep brutal burn wounds, a few poisonous wasp stings, cuts, bruises, dehydration, and hunger. Another theme of this book would be to try your hardest at whatever it is you do. No matter how small it is. Katniss worked her butt of to try to make up plans to kill people, finding food that isn't poisonous, staying clear of traps, and making shelter for her and Peeta when he was injured. She also teams up with another teammate from a different district and they try to work together and help each other out for as long as the could. Another theme I got from the book was to do anything you feel you need to do no matter what the consequences are. Katniss was invited to a feast in the arena. At a feast there is always a lot of killing going on, but at the feast was the one thing that could help Peeta with his leg. The medicine to save him. Katniss almost got killed but was saved from a different player in the games. Katniss then ran as fast as she possibly could and grabbed the pack with the medicine. She darted away with the pack in her hand into the words and returned to the cave Peeta was hiding out in. When she reached Peeta she injected the medicine into his arm and waited from him to wake up with the results. That same medicine saved Peeta life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Memoir 2

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shinning and there was an occasional breeze. It was a perfect day to do anything you wanted to. That gorgeous day, was one of the worst days of my life.
I walked into my house coming home from school when I saw her. She was lying on the kitchen floor. Not moving. It was almost as if she was glued down to the floor. I can never forget that look she gave me. She was starring at me with those big, dark, brown eyes. Looking at me with a sad, blank stare. It was almost as if she knew everything was coming to an end, and soon. We both knew what was going to happen. I just didn't want to admit it.
I cried and cried over and over again. I couldn't handle anymore of the crying so I had to leave the room. I began to think of all the memories we had together. The times I hurt myself and she came by and licked my face. The times when I dozed off on her stomach and she never once moved or woke me up. The hundreds of times we went camping. The times when we went swimming in her kiddy pool together. All the times where all I wanted was for her warm, furry, soft body to be by my side. I still wish she was next to me, but I know she is happy where she is. That's all I need to know.
Now she's gone, and she won't return. Nala was the best dog anyone could ask for. I miss her more than anything in the world. She lived to be 14 years old. As the years go by some of the memories fade and fade. Others are going to be with me forever. Even though she isn't with us anymore, she will always have a special spot saved for her in my heart.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Memoir 1

We were driving to Menards to meet up with a guy to see if we were going to go buy one of his new puppies. We saw the add in the newspaper and it was perfect. A six month old golden retriever puppy. When we got there we had to wait a little bit for him to come. When I saw a truck coming down the road with kennels in the back seat my heart raced. I was so excited! It was my first time picking out my very own dog!

The guy had two puppies left over. One white-ish colored golden retriever and a dark golden retriever. I had my eye on the dark gold puppy the whole time. She waddled around and she was very playful. I picked her up and she made me laugh by smelling my ear. Her and I connected right away.

So we decided to buy the dark golden retriever. She slept on my lap the whole way home. When we got home I played with her for hours. (even though it was a school night) We decided to name her Abby and she is a perfect dog. Hahaha just kidding! Still she is perfect to me no matter what she does and I love her. (:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey there (:
My name is Courtney. I enjoy camping, fishing, playing guitar hero, hanging out with friends, and swimming. I LOVE roller coasters and I LOVE the water.My favorite meal is my dads smoked ribs and cheesy potatoes. (: In my free time I like to paint and I love to listen to music. I'm a HUGE fan of Eminem. I write poetry occasionally and have some songs that I wrote too. My dream is to become a singer. :P I have an evil dog named Abby who eats everything. Literally everything. Things from socks to phones. I'm the youngest of my family and I have a total of 5 cousins. I know. Sad huh? I have one brother, one sister, and my mom and dad of course. I'm definitely not the "girly girl" type.I LOVE watching hockey, baseball and occasionally football. I LOVE playing in the rain and you can't go outside in the rain and I'm the type who always has to play in the mud. (: I have broken my wrist rollerblading. I'm double jointed in a lot of places. Well that's a little bit about me and I can't think of anything else to say so bye bye (: